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University of Connecticut Health Center - Farmington, Connecticut


This Munson Road facility was originally constructed circa 1972-1973.  The total area of the building is approximately 110,000 square feet.  It houses administrative personnel from the Health Center’s other buildings and additional administrative staff.

Persistent leaks associated with the skylights and terrace plagued the facility for years.  Martin A. Benassi, AIA - Architect, LLC was commissioned to perform an exterior evaluation study of the entire building to document existing conditions and provide solutions for the problems encountered.  The report will be used for budgeting purposes and long-range planning efforts.

The structure is constructed in a series of terraces that step up following the slope of the site.  Exterior walls are made of both ribbed poured-in-place concrete with an exposed aggregate finish and pre-cast concrete panels with a smooth finish.  The windows are fixed aluminum frame which are not set vertically, but rather the top portions of the windows slope down and outward while the bottom portions slope down and inward.