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25 Sigourney Street, Hartford - State of Connecticut


Martin A. Benassi, AIA - Architect, LLC completed our first survey for the exterior facade and roof of 25 Sigourney Street in 1998.  During subsequent years, other professionals provided additional reports, testing, and remediation of the water infiltration that had resulted in miscellaneous indoor air quality issues.  Our firm was rehired in 2006 to re-evaluate the building’s facade.

Our report explained the features of an alternative building cladding system called a drainage plane, or rainscreen.  The methodology has been effectively used in Europe for decades.  Rainscreen overcladding offers a solution that utilizes the effects of the wind to control rainwater and prevent it from entering the building.

Principal concepts are the careful design of ventilated cavities that use the pressure effects of the wind to dissipate energy of driven rainwater; and also, properly designed drainage paths that collect and direct the water away from the cavity.