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Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church - Ansonia, Connecticut


After a fire gutted their old church two years earlier, the Congregation dedicated this new edifice in 1956. The gold spire reached over 120 feet into the air.  The bells from the old church, donated by Tsar Nicolas II, were saved and installed in the new church.  This has been called one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the eastern United States.

The edifice was designed by Constantin A. Pertzoff, Architect in 1957.  According to his biography, he lists the church among his principal works; and the design was strongly influenced by Cubism.  The building is a pour-in-place concrete structure with a 3-inch thick, reinforced shell at the apex of the barrel roofs.  The church interior has decorative, ecclesiastically inspired iconography by Pimen Sofronov, some of which were water damaged.

The project consisted of removal of the existing roofing down to the concrete deck and replacement with a fully adhered EPDM roofing system.  When the roof was removed, the existing insulation was found to be saturated.  An infrared scan of the flat roof areas was performed to properly determine the extent of wet insulation.