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Gold Building, One Financial Plaza - Hartford, Connecticut


Martin A. Benassi, AIA – Architect, LLC prepared a forensic analysis survey which included a complete study and recommendations for the restoration of the post-tension, 450-car parking garage located in downtown Hartford.  Our firm then created construction documents based upon the survey for the complete restoration of the structural components, which included concrete replacement and application of protective surface coatings.

Keeping the garage open during construction required phasing of the project.  Work started in 2006 and is continuing to date.

Scope of Work included:

  • Removal of concrete to allow for inspection of deteriorated tendon and splicing of new reinforcement
  • Patching of loose and delaminated concrete with a repair material suitable for overhead repairs
  • Surface preparation of the concrete deck via blast track prior to coating the surface
  • Grinding all uncoated curb edges (within the strip) to prepare for deck coating
  • Applying a 3-coat polyurethane-based, fluid-applied, traffic-bearing membrane system with encapsulated silica carbide over prepared concrete
  • Provide new traffic markings