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Maison Mathis - 304 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut


The project entailed renovating an existing space for a Belgian bakery café franchise in the bustling area of Broadway.  We collaborated extensively with two Belgian Owners and their concept designers from Creneau International of Belgium; food service consultant, Restaurant Design and Equipment; the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering firm of General Drafting and Design, Inc.; and Litchfield Builders, Inc., the General Contractor.

Coordinating with an international company presented some creative challenges, which were overcome by keeping an open line of communication between all parties involved.  All of the finishes including counter area, floor and wall tiles, millwork, stone counter tops, lighting, signage, and furniture were shipped from Belgium and had to fit into existing pre-designed locations.  Coordination with the millwork fabricator ensured all dimensions were established prior to production.  A master carpenter and painter came from Belgium in the later stages of the project to assist the Contractor with the final assembly. 

The existing dormitory space above the restaurant created other challenges.  The ceilings could not be punctured, and all equipment located at ceiling level had to be hung from the existing uni-strut so as not to jeopardize the integrity of the soundproofing assembly.

The café has seating for eighty people and approximately 10,800 square feet of restaurant, kitchen, office, and storage space.